About us & our Mission

Sex-Aware is a non-profit organisation founded in December 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The female founders are united by the vision of empowering people to care for their sexual health and well-being and that of their sexual partners. The focus is on spreading awareness of sexually transmittable infections (STIs), providing education about their prevention, fighting stigma, and advocating for a low-threshold, cost-free access to preventive STI testing.

The core team of Sex-Aware consists of a doctor, a law student, a multimedia professional, and a community pharmacist.. The founders of Sex-Aware have gained the experience and knowledge that they now want to share with the community through years of developing and hosting sex-positive spaces, as workshop facilitators or as health professionals.

The urgency to establish Sex-Aware stems from the lack of cost-free preventive STI testing in Austria. While talking to people about this lack of service the founding members of Sex-Aware realised that despite some STIs are becoming more common again, a majority of people seemed to neither have basic knowledge about STIs nor were they aware of the risks of getting infected with them.This was alarming as STIs occur mostly without symptoms and can have serious impact on health, including infertility and cancer. The lack of cost-free STI testing, the lack of sex-positive education about safer sex and consent, and the stigma and shame that still occur around STIs prompted the establishing of Sex-Aware.

Sex-Aware wants to educate about STIs, their prevention, and consent. Sex-Aware currently focuses on young people, especially on those who engage in non-monogamous relationship models, have several sexual partners, participate in one-night-stands, or try to establish safer sex behaviours in their current relationship. This includes but is not limited to provide safer sex information online and in person, train people how to negotiate safer sex methods, how to make safer sex events, educate about consent, and advocatefor free preventive STI testing.

Sex-Aware sees itself as a provider of information and tools around Safer Sex on which basis people can make informed decisions about their sexual health. Sex-Aware promotes a stigma-free conversation about STIs with a open-minded approach towards sex and aims to include all sexes, genders, forms of (sexual) attraction, and ableism. The team is keen to improve their work at all times. Hence, we are open and glad for all feedback, suggestions and expertise!

Let’s work together to start a conversation on Safer Sex.

Be Sex-Aware.